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July 20, 2013
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You cursed as you stumbled on a tree root, catching yourself before you fell, you quickly composed yourself. Where were you? Heavens if you knew. Earlier that day, you visited the local library and happened to come across a book. What a shocker, finding a book in the library! Well stop being snide, because this wasn’t an ordinary book. Yes, that dusty book was ancient, and inside it was pages after pages of myths and fairytales. Being curious as you were, you decided to take a peek. As in blindly flipping to a page, and lo and behold, you came across an interesting myth. Legend has it, in the nearby forest there was a series of doors that led you to past events. Well, something along those lines. You may have skimped the page, anyway! So here you were, you didn’t have anything better planned so you were free to do as you wished.

And right now you getting quite annoyed, the book had said the doors were on trees in a clearing. Why the doors were on trees to begin with, was beyond you. Maybe you would come across a secret gnome village! Quickly ridding yourself of such stupid thoughts, you pressed onwards. Onwards, as in walking into a tree. You stumbled back, reeling in pain. Clutching your now surely bruised head, you glared at the accursed tree. Prepared to give said tree a severe tongue lashing, you felt yourself at a loss of words. What appeared a dozen or more trees stood erected in front of you. The compelling part, was that each had a door with a number above each.

You had been, in your face librarians! Excitedly, you looked at each tree. A different colour and shaded door was on each tree, a spazzing delight of mystery before you. You could hardly contain yourself, you were far too excited to pick just one; but you had too-it was apart of the legend.

Steeling your nerves, you quickly lunged at the closet door-determined to find out what lied behind it.
Sorry for the lack of posting and updating. Anyway, here's an interactive fanfiction-I always wanted to do one of these!

America/Alfred F. Jones: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Canada/Matthew Williams: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
England/Arthur Kirkland: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
France/Francis Bonnefoy: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
North Italy/Feliciano Vargas: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
South Italy/Lovino Vargas: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Spain/Antonio Fernández Carriedo: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Austria/Roderich Edelstein: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Switzerland/Vash(Basch) Zwingli: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Russia/Ivan Braginski: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Poland/Feliks Łukasiewicz: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Lithuania/Toris Lorinaitis: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Latvia/Raivis Galante: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Estonia/Eduard Von Bock: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Iceland/Emil Steilsson: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Norway/Lukas Bondevik: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: literatureatmidnight.deviantar…
((Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus/
Hong Kong/
South Korea/
((More will be added soon))
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