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Chilled lips pressed heavily to hers as Emily laced her hands through Alfred’s hair. Growling, Alfred rocked his body against Emily, making her gasp for air.
Tearing her mouth away from his, she groaned a single world. Couch.

Grunting, Alfred clambered to his feet, quickly scooping Emily into his arms. Padding into the living room, Alfred continued littering kisses on Emily’s neck.  And all too soon, Alfred’s lips were removed from her heated flesh as he dumped her onto the relatively comfy couch.

Giving a small “Oof”, Emily’s hair was a messy halo around her face. Giving her head a slight shake to remove a few strands away from her line of vision, she looked back up. Already Alfred had pounced on Emily, his hands on either side of her head caged her. His once golden hair was now ashen, and droplets of water fell from the tendrils that reached for her. Blinking, she slightly cringed as a few drops fell onto her, splattering with the contact.

Her eyes were widened with shock and desire, she couldn’t look away. She couldn’t even fathom the thought of doing so, not with the way he was staring at her. But yet, somehow, she found herself speaking in a hushed whisper. She didn’t want to ruin the moment, but she needed to know. “Why...Why did you always attack me?” Emily asked, her eyes welled with tears as she gazed into Alfred’s hardened eyes, looking for the maddening answer. He stiffened, and almost immediately he looked away. “A-Alfred” she called out, voice pitifully cracking as tears cascaded down her face. Her trembling hands touched his arms, as she tried once again sniffling “Why?!”, Alfred leaned back on his legs, his arms slowly removed from Emily.

“Alfre--” she started, but was quickly cut off by a depressed Alfred. “It had nothing to really do with you, it was more of me” Alfred said, his voice flat and vague of any form of happiness. “I-” Alfred whispered aloud, hesitating as his voice caught in his throat. Shivering, Emily rested a clammy hand on Alfred’s arm, mouth dry as she felt him tremble. This wasn’t the cold and heartless Alfred she knew, this was the more raw version of him, the vulnerable one.

With a nod, Emily gave a small reassuring smile, ushering Alfred on. “I have Paranoid Personality Disorder” He finally admitted in one shaky and uneven breath. Any words that might have arisen from Emily’s lips died altogether. “I’ve had it ever since I was little” Alfred mumbled, not looking at her, he ran an unease hand through his hair. Water easily caught his fingers, and lazily trailed down his wrist and crawled inside his jacket, never to be seen again.

“Ever since we were little, I’ve liked you. But I’ve always kept my distance until now, I knew what would happen if I ever did approach you. The anger and distrust, even if I did like you, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. I wanted to stay away, I really did, but--” Alfred paused, tears suddenly welling up in his eyes. “--When I saw you with someone else, regardless of gender, I couldn’t help myself. It hurt so much, knowing I could never make you happy like they could. So I snapped,  yelled at you and made everyone turn their back on you. It was selfish, but I wanted you for myself. I know you hate me, but if it makes you feel any better, I hate myself even more”. By this time, tears poured from Alfred’s eyes, and softly he hiccuped as he brought his hands to his face-shielding his puffy and bloodshot eyes away from Emily.

Emily couldn’t move, her body remained frozen as her world came crashing down. Was she mad? Yes, it’d take a long time for the anger to heal and for Emily to forgive him. But right now? She forgave him, and silently her heart yearned to hold him as it ached. And that is what she precisely did.

Gently removing his hands from his face, Emily gave Alfred a brief smile before leaning up using her upper body, and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. Eyes closed, Emily could vaguely hear his shaky breathing. Her heart pounded in her ears as her face was stained a bright pink, between all of these things, Emily was just a bundle of flustered nerves.

Breaking away from him, Emily gave a brilliant smile. “I forgive you” Emily whispered, a hand reached for Alfred’s face and wiped away the trails that the tears had left behind. Alfred paused, a blush stretched across his own face as he stared at Emily.

Gulping, Alfred lowered himself back onto Emily, pushing her body back onto the couch. Alfred gave a brief smile, one of his hands reached up to his face and removed his glasses which were covered in water blotches. Carefully, he stretched forward and placed the glasses onto the end table near the couch, folded. Emily whined, as Alfred removed his glasses his groin had teasingly shifted against her.

As Alfred shifted back into his original position, Emily was huffing was her body pressed closer to his. Alfred smirked, his hand once again running through his hair, but his time because of its wetness he practically slicked it back. That is, but the obvious stubborn curl. Emily rose a hand to his hair, determined to slick it back to match the rest. As soon as Emily’s hand smoothed it over, it popped back up again with a vengeance. What made matters worse is that Alfred kept fidgeting, making the whole process ten times harder. Trying to ignore him, Emily bit her lip in concentration.

Not being able to hold it in any longer, Alfred moaned aloud, his head leaning forward as his eyes closed shut. “Oh god” he muttered, he harshly ground his hips against Emily’s, body tensing. Gasping, Emily’s hand released Alfred’s curl, her eyes filled with sudden shock as she looked up. Alfred was panting as his eyes were screwed shut, that curl twitching violently. “Are you-” Emily started, concerned, but was cut off.

Lips pressed against hers, Alfred had enough with her naive teasing. His hand gripped the back of her head, digging into her golden locks. Yanking her head back for better access, Alfred’s lips moved against Emily’s, massaging them. His opposite hand snaked up Emily’s shirt, having to maneuver under two layers of clothing to reach the trembling flesh. His fingernails lightly scratched the delicate skin as he brought them down, gliding across her stomach.

Unsure of herself, Emily could only press her hips eagerly to Alfred’s in hopes he understood how much she needed this. God, she wanted something, anything more than this. If he didn’t do something more, she felt as if she was going to explode.
There was a throbbing that was borderline painful, consistent in telling Emily that she desperately in need of relief. But Alfred, she wanted him to continue what he was doing. His lips moved away from hers, only to seek refuge in the junction of her neck. All Emily could do was lay there, in utter yet frustrating bliss, her small hands clutching the fabric of Alfred’s jacket on his shoulders.

“Alfred” Emily whined, he had started sucking the skin now, making her shudder as her toes curled. “Please” she continued, her lips parting as she moaned wantingly. Laughing against her neck, Alfred looked up to meet her gaze. He looked so utterly content, chin resting against her as he returned her stare. “Are you sure you want this?” he asked, he raised a brow in question. He wanted this just as desperately as Emily, even more so, but this all lied on Emily. It was her virginity being lost after-all.

Emily paused, mulling the situation over in her head. But even then, it wasn’t that hard of a decision, yes, she too wanted this. Giving a curt nod, she released a breath she didn’t realize she had pended up. A lop-sided grin smeared across Alfred’s face, that boyish smile made Emily squirm as that throbbing intensified. “Now” she firmly said aloud, and yet, she still blushed heavily. It was surprising for her to be so...forward, but she liked the change, especially from her usual attitude nowadays. The thought made depressing memories surface, but quickly she dispelled them. No, she was over it, she had Alfred now and that was that.

That in mind, she turned her attention back to Alfred. After making her decision, Alfred looked over his markings, happy he had claimed her as his with each hickey. Knowing they’d take at least a week to fully disappear, the thought of her trying to cover it up when she went to school made Alfred snort and smirk. She’d have no reason to hide it though, he was sure to set everyone in their place as soon as they went to school. She was his now, and he was sure to tell everyone that.

Shaking his head, he eyed Emily’s uniform. It looked lovely on her, but he’d much rather have it gone. His pants were getting dreadfully tight, and he needed to relieve himself. His loins in mind, he grabbed Emily’s sweater. Startling the girl underneath him, he gave her another grin before yanking the tan fabric over her head, making her messy hair even more tangled. Alfred almost groaned in irritation, still a buttoned up shirt blocked Emily’s sweet flesh from his eyes. But he had a simple answer to that problem, and with one fluid movement, he tore the white shirt open. Emily gasped, buttons flew everywhere and noisily bounced onto the hardwood floor.

“Hey!” Emily yelled out, momentarily forgetting her pleasure as brief anger overtook her. “Do you know how expensive those uniforms are!?” she yelled out, her emerald eyes hardening in a furious glare. Wearing a shit-eating grin, Alfred squeezed a bra cladded breast, making Emily go silent. “B-but, I can just buy more” she breathily mumbled, eyes sliding shut in pleasure as Alfred continued the act.

Alfred hummed in response, the grin still in place. She still had too much clothes on for his liking, that red plaid skirt was dreadfully annoying and in the way, it had to go. His fingers reached for the buttons, determined to pop them open and have the garment gone a second later. But a hand caused Alfred to pause, blinking, he looked up to the owner.

“Yes?” he asked; Finding herself smiling, Emily motioned to the Alfred’s body. “I’m afraid you’re wearing too much, darling” Emily purred, her eyes twinkling in delight. Chuckling, Alfred rolled his eyes. And yet, he shrugged out of his brown jacket, throwing it across the room. “Happy?” he asked, he wanted to remove the skirt as fast as possible. But Emily shook her head, “I think its only fair that you have the same amount of clothing on” Emily giggled, a blush covering her features.

Alfred gave a devilish glance to Emily, the corners of his mouth turning into a sly smile. “Be careful what you wish for” he cooed as he gave Emily a saucy wink that made her stomach flutter with butterflies. And with that, he began the tedious work of removing his clothing.

Emily watched, face flushed as she stared, eyes hungry. His own tan sweater removed, lied in a crumpled pile near the couch. Loosening the dark blue tie that was almost black in colour, Alfred never lost eye contact with Emily. Who knew he’d be such a tease? Emily clearly didn’t, even as he removed his buttoned up shirt, he still teased her. Wearing that provocative smirk, he slowly slipped out of the top, letting the fabric brush against his skin.

Again, he repeated the same question “Happy?”, but this time Emily nodded. But they both knew this was a lie, she wouldn’t be happy, not as long as he was still clothed and not inside her. Even the thought of it, gave Emily such delicious chills. And that look he was giving her wasn’t helping, not in the slightest.

Emily had to bite her lip to stop the moan that was about to surface, his lightly tanned flesh was warm to the touch, even if it had been slightly chilled by the rain. His body was soaked, making his skin shine with the glimmering droplets. And his hair, once slicked back, now had strands covering his eyes. Like blue fire, they stood out in the quickly darkening setting. Night was approaching. Shit! Emily had to act fast, Francis would be home soon, he had spent the afternoon at his friend's house, and would be home any minute.  Panicking, Emily peered at Alfred, eyes conveying the upcoming problem. Somehow, Alfred had gotten her, and quickly he undid Emily’s bra and flung it behind him. This special moment, was drawing to an end, and both of them knew this.

Blushing terribly, Emily’s hands reached up to cover her chest but she paused, Alfred gave her a look and Emily quietly placed them back to her sides. Flashing her a smile, Alfred clambered off of Emily, leaving her puzzled and confused. That is, until she saw him undo his belt with whooshing movements, and quickly pull down those atrocious pants.

Boxers of course, that didn’t come to a surprise for Emily, neither was the bat symbol which was stretched across the crotch. Giving Alfred a look that said seriously?, Emily tried to quell the laughter that shook her small frame. Glaring, Alfred straddled Emily again. Leaning forward, he said with a sneer “At least my family doesn’t share some flower fetish”, and flicked her shoulder. That stopped her giggles, the pain made her cringe as she defiantly glared back up to Alfred. It was a bit embarrassing, it was something that her brother shared with her. Roses were simple yet held such beauty, so what if she had rose themed panties!

Chin raised in anger, she clutched the sides of Alfred’s face as she crashed her lips to his. But he was expecting this, and eagerly welcomed it. Hand crawling between their bodies, he finally pulled her skirt off, and her panties followed suit. Emily had hardly anytime to react, one second she had clothes, next their naked bodies pressed hungrily against one another. How he removed his underwear as well as her own without her knowing, she’ll never know.

Now rocking against her, the lack of separation made Emily’s head loll back. “Alfred!” she whined loudly, her hips grinding against his, hoping that some friction would come across that bit of throbbing flesh. But she was cursed, and she could only sob in want as she begged for Alfred.
Cooing into her ear, Alfred stroked her hair, whispering “I know, I know”.

Emily’s pleading only grew as Alfred removed his body away from hers, immediately she was chilled as his warmth left hers. Huddling into herself, she raised her fisted hands to her chest, trying to cover it from the chilly air. Thankfully, Alfred had retrieved whatever he had needed from his pocket a...condom..Oh. Emily almost smacked her head with a face palm, she was a little daft sometimes.

Tearing the shiny package open, he quickly lolled the rubber on, and resumed his position on Emily. Gently, he nudged her legs apart, giving her a sweet smile as she looked up at him, eyes clouded in fear. “Alfred” she called out, Alfred shifted his gaze to her, he was a bit worried she’d change her mind. “Be gentle” she added, that made Alfred give a soft almost sad smile. Like she would have doubt that he’d be gentle, to be honest, it hurt. But he deserved as much.

Positioned at her entrance, he paused, he reckoned that it’d be much easier if he got the pain over with, like ripping off a bandaid. Either way, you know there’s going to be pain. And so, he gave her one comforting kiss to temple before slamming in.

The pain, she knew it’d hurt, but not this much.  An intense searing sensation shot up her spine, making her toes curl in torture. And even then, she felt hot tears fill her eyes, but no, she wasn’t going to cry. Taking deep breaths to steady her breathing, she harshly exhaled through her nose before clamping down on her bottom lip till blood welled at the surface.

Alfred was not much better off, but for different reasons. His breathing was labored as his eyes were held shut, he...he had underestimated how tight she would be. It was worse, he barely fit her, so her walls were suffocating. And to be honest, he’d never been with a virgin, as he had always found himself with the more experienced, but that was the farthest from his mind. At the moment, he was trying desperately to not cum, just imagine, her first time ended the second it began. He chuckled darkly to himself, wouldn’t that be a story to share with the family. Caught within his own thoughts, Alfred hadn’t realized that Emily had finally adjusted before she experimentally thrusted her hips up to his.

At that point, he couldn’t think. Pleasure soaked him like a wave, leaving him gasping for much deserved air. Snarling, Alfred’s hips swiveled into Emily’s, making her cry out. Light dim around the lovers, they finally began to move as one. Lips parted in sweet agonizing bliss, Emily moaned as she writhed underneath the American. Alfred’s body rubbed against Emily’s as he thrusted deeply into her, his member gliding in and out with slick movements of the hips. “Al-Alfred~!” Emily cried out, her body grinding into the fabric of the couch, causing a slight burning sensation. But the pain mixed with the pleasure, leaving Emily’s nerves and senses a muddled mess. Her arms wrapped around Alfred’s shoulders, nails digging into his back, as almost as revenge for the small pain she was receiving.

But Alfred ignored it, he bit his lip as he focused on the tiring thrusts of his hips. She was so warm, so perfect. Words escaped him, and to make up for it, he made himself content with littering kisses and bites across Emily’s bouncing chest. “Yes!” she hissed out, she was so close, she could feel it. Why didn’t she do this sooner?!

As if aware of her impending orgasm, Alfred’s rutting increased in speed. And within a moment, Emily felt that coil tighten so very hard before it happened. A split second later, Emily was unsure what exactly happened. She may have screamed out, she wasn’t sure, as her climax utterly blinded her with its intensity. Her toes curled painful as they strained, her body arching in bliss. Pleasure erased her sense and thoughts, everything was gone with it’s powerful blow.

And limply she laid on the couch, only vaguely aware of Alfred’s thrusts. She was still throbbing around him when he finally came, he let out groan as he swore “O-oh fuck”, before he too came undone. Emily watched with a slight smile, content as she tried to keep open her eyes. Alfred’s face twisted in pleasure as he leaned forward, his bangs hiding his closed eyes as he shuddered.

Alfred tiredly pulled himself out of Emily, before collapsing on her altogether. Not that she minded, she welcomed it in fact, and even wrapped her noodle-like arms around him. Silence enveloped them, and they were shrouded in content and brilliant happiness. “I love you” Alfred finally said, and gave a boyish grin as Emily too returned the words.

That is, until a door opened and shut. Blinking, both looked up from their sweaty bodies to see Francis standing in the doorway. His schoolbag had fallen limply to the floor as he ingested the scene before him, particularly the fact that as far as he was concerned-Emily’s body was being held down by her naked bully, and the evidence of clothes being violently ripped off of Emily. Francis didn’t say a word, his left eyebrow just merely twitched. Alfred was so dead.
Oh god, it's 2:15 AM and I'm sick as a dog. What am I doing? Writing smut. Someone help, plz. ;//x//;
So yeah, it's finally done. It's my longest fanfic' I think, especially for a lemon. Anyway! I hope you lovely people enjoyed it.
For more about Personality disorders(P.P.S included):…
America belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
OC belongs to :iconpurplegirl456:
Story belongs to :iconliteratureatmidnight:
Picture found here: I don't know where the original is from... ;x;
((I do not own the lovely picture.))
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not only was Alfred basically chased around by Francis, Arthur decided to join. 
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Because, why the hell not?! And afterwards, Arthur decided to celebrate with his famous scones. Now everyone was dead...besides Matthew, he just sat in the corner the entire time.
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Oh, hey! Sorry for the late reply. Sure~! :3
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